Confech announced a national mobilization for next Tuesday against the gratuity law

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The students grouped together in the Confech announced a march for the next Tuesday and have invited the rectors to adhere the mobilization.

The students are getting ready the placards to express their rejection against the “short law” of gratuity that impedes to 3 state Universities the obtaining of benefits coming the project of gratuity that would begin next year.

The law that guarantee free education for the five first deciles who are part of Universities with four or more years of gratuity, would left out to 3 Universities: The Arturo Prat University, Los Lagos University and The Metropolitan Technological University.

Thus, the president of the Students Federation of the University of Chile and spokeswoman of the Confech, Camila Rojas, confirmed that the mobilization will be developed next Tuesday because this isn’t the reform they have requested.

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