Greenpeace assures that law is leaving unprotected more than 50 percent of glaciers

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The dilemma between ecology and economy has been taken importance in front of the entitled “Glaciers law”. The regulation was presented in June of 2014, receiving many criticism every time it was passing to the low chamber for its votation. And due to this situation some mining projects,and among them the Andine division of Codelco, could be impeded to operate.

The item that suffered the highest number of modifications was the fifth, which in the first motion was protecting the glaciers and to the adjacent lands, but it was modified to protect only to the glaciers located inside the national reserves.

On this point, the Greenpeace chief of campaign , Estefanía González, pointed out that the legislators are favoring to the mining industry.

While on his behalf, the member of the Glaciers Commission and also member of the Environment Commission, Daniel Melo, assured that Chile should define what development model is going to bequeath.

On the other hand, the president of the mining Commission, Luis Lemus, said that this law will not impede the explotation and that the glaciers should be prioritized, while Codelco assured they are going to obey any resolution, no matter what.

Currently the project is on the first Constitucional procedure and during the coming year it could be voted on the Deputy Chamber

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