Senate has harshly criticized Burgos’ latest absence to a security session

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The senate special meeting related to the violent situation at La Araucanía, was fulfilled in the middle of a rain of criticism against the Interior Minister Jorge Burgos.

The criticism energed because of a new absence to the summon where the high chamber would have analyzed the last episodes of violence at the southern zone.

The reason of his absence was his travel to La Araucanía in order to bring a criminal action against the responsibles of the incendiary attacks.

The fact provoked the annoyance of some parliamentarian, specially from the opposition, who have assured that the criminal action could be submitted by the Intendant Andrés Jouannet.

“The last session was canceled as a request of the minister himself, who because of his agenda wasn’t able to attend the meeting and suggested this date (…) this situation cannot happen again”, the RN senator Baldo Prokurica said.

On this context the meeting was attended by the National prosecutor, Jorge Abbot and in representation of the Government, the undersecretary Mahmud Aleuy together with the General director of Carabineros, Bruno Villalobos, who explained the actions for face the violence.

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