Douglas Tompkins dies after a Kayaking accident on the General Carrera lake

Daniel García | AFP
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A group of six people suffered a kayaking accident during Tuesday on the General Carrera lake, at Aysén, southern Chile. As a result, the American entrepreneur and grand conservationist, Douglas Tompkins, died due to a severe hypothermia.

The injured persons were kayaking from Puerto Sánchez to Puerto Ibañez and all of them capsized due to the unfavorable weather conditions and the consequent increase of the lake waves. The boaters were rescued by a military patrol and helicopter and were urgently transfered to the Regional Hospital of Coyhaique and to the Chile Chico’s hospital.

Regarding to Tompkins death, the doctor and chief of the E.R unit of the Hospital, assured that the 72-year-old man arrived to the hospital after midday on a extremely serious state of health, therefore were practiced advanced resuscitation maneuvers in order to save his life,but without success.

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