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Scientists will testify due to the discovery of more than 300 dead whales in Aysen

ARCHIVO | Alejandra Ramírez
ARCHIVO | Alejandra Ramírez
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The prosecutor in charge of the investigation because of the death of more than 300 whales at the Gulf of Penas (Gulf of distress), at southern Chile, will take statements to the scientists who found the cetaceans beached at the place.

After the discovery of the dead whales, the inquiry of the local prosecuting has been taken differents dimensions, considering the unusual of the cetaceans’ appearance.

The main idea is to establish if does exist or not a crime on the massive death of the specimens belonging to the Sei specie, of almost ten meters long and who move through the south-austral zone of the country.

After the denounce submitted by the Sernapesca’s provincial office to the local prosecuting of Puerto Aysén, the authorities seek to resolve if this event is connected with an other case of death of whales reported on May of 2015, where the human intervention was discarded.

The prosecutor in charge of the inquiry, Pedro Poblete, assured that he is going to take statements to the scientists who discovered the cetaceans at the Gulf of Penas, without discarding the potential existence of more dead specimens.

On his behalf, the fishing regional director of Aysén, Cristian Hudson, pointed out that this high level of deaths is not recent, considering that the whales would have been fed on species contaminated by red tide toxins.

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