Ex-minister Larraín warned that Government will spend more than what is able to collect

ARCHIVO | Pedro Cerda | Agencia UNO
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The ex Finance Minister during the presidency of Sebastián Piñera, Felipe Larraín, criticized the fiscal policy of Michelle Bachelet’s Government.

The economist assured that according to the economic predictions, Bachelet’s administration will spend more than what is able to collect , and explained that each time that copper’s costs decrease in one cent, the country stop receiving US$50 million.

The words of Larrain came out in the frame of the seminar about “Fiscal Policy to the long term”, organized by Clapes UC, center of studies of which he is the director and days before, published a controversial study assuring that an assistant of the public sector has a wage of more than $600.000 pesos (gross).

During the seminar also expounded the current Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés, who made a call to realism and assured that the budget is responsible, because the Government incomes will be larger in the coming years. And stressed that there is no space for more expenses.

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