Government assures that gratuity will be applied on 2016 no matter the verdict of the TC

Cristobal Escobar | Agencia UNO
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The spokesman of the Government, Marcelo Díaz, assured that the gratuity for the higher education will be applied in 2016, no matter of the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) resolution. This due to the requierement of inconstitutionality submitted by opposition parliamentarians.

Moments before the TC had announced the reception of the requirement, the authority indicated they were awaiting the support of the tribunal, and assured that due to this decision, are going to take the appropriate measures, and he insisted on the application of gratuity in 2016.

“I can clearly say that the decision of president Bachelet and the Government is that gratuity will run on 2016″, and he emphasized again ” what I want to say is that gratuity will be applied the next year, thus, we are going to act as is needed, even if the Constitutional Tribunal do not pronounce to our favor”, Díaz stated.

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