Government announces project of same-sex marriage for the end of its administration

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The Government announced for the last trimester of 2017 the entry of the project of law about equal marriage.

This Thursday the Executive has presented its communication campaign of Civil Union Agreement, which pretend to awake the citizenship’s sensitivity and explain the meaning of this agreement which recognized the rights and duties of heterosexual and homosexual people.

But as important as the campaign is the announcement of the Government spokesman, Marcelo Díaz, which confirmed that the Executive will send to the Congress the project of law about same-sex marriage at the last trimester of 2017.

From the Movement of Homosexual Liberation, and also from the Equals Foundation, have valued the announcement and they assured that are going to work with La Moneda in order to concrete the purpose ahead of the date.

The president of Movihl, Rolando Jiménez, also said that there are many pending matters, like the adoption.

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