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Criminal trial due to assassination of Erica Hagan will be broadcasted through streaming

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The Penal Tribunal of Temuco allowed the digitally transmission of the oral trial because of the assassination of Erica Hagan. In this way, the relatives of the woman in the United States, are going to be able to witness the process.

The decision was assumed by the judges of the second room of the Tribunal, in response to the request submitted by the Public ministry prosecutor , Miguel Velásquez Droguett.

The judges argued that because of the criminal trial is a public process and the digital transmission not means the vulneration of the participant’s rights, specially of the only accused, it was decided to give the permission in order to allow to the family of the victim , residing at United States, be able to see the criminal proceeding.

Thus, the Public Ministry will be responsible to provide all the material and technologic elements to concrete the diligence. The hearings are going to start the coming December 9th and are scheduled to end at the last day of this month.

Currently, the Judicial Power is processing the transmission of the main moments of the hearing by streaming through its Youtube channel.

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