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ANEF starts strike of 48 hours: will be attended only emergencies

David von Blohn | Agencia UNO
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Without an agreement between the workers of the public sector and the Government , this Wednesday since 8.30 am has begun the strike of 48 hours, organized by the National Association of Public Employees (ANEF).

The mobilization was generated as consequence of two points of disagreement in relation to the negotiation of salary of the public officers , which the Executive has set in 4% and has increased to 4.1% after a debate with the parliament.

The ANEF president, Raúl de la Puente, explained that the increase was of $300 pesos (half dollar), and it was not pacted with the employees. “this is humiliating, because it was made behind the employees´ backs. The parlamentarians must to rethink about it”, the leader emphasized.

All the public services are involved in the mobilization, specially those which imply public attention, like: SII, Serviu, SML… Only the Registro Civil was excluded.

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