Social movement seeks to toughen condemns against assassins of Carabineros

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A new march was realized by the members of the movement “No More deaths to Carabineros”. This social movement’s purpose is to make involved to the citizens and show their idea of modify the law in order to increase the sentence of those responsible of assassination against officers at the service of the Institution.

The spokesman of the movement, Rodrigo Torres, pointed out that they expect to spread out the initiative to all the institutions of public security and enlarge the law even against those who verbally attack the police.

While Jennifer Cárdenas, widow of the the policeman Alejandro Galvez, who died in the frame of the incidents perpetrated due to the “Día del Joven Combatiente” at Pedro Aguirre Cerda, said that they want to demonstrate the community that they will continue fighting, as a movement, to toughen the condemns.

The UDI deputy and member of the legislators of citizen security, Claudia Nogueira, explained that in the anti-delinquency agenda are include means to increase the sanctions against the agressors of the uniformed police.

In addition she expressed the need of the immediate discussion of the project to turn it into law.

Among the attendants to the march was recognised the sister of the Sergeant Germán Cid, who was found dead at the border zone of Arica, case in which the criminals haven’t been found yet. The woman indicated that they expect life sentence for the murderers of Carabineros.

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