Senators of RN assure being ready to compete against Piñera at the Primaries

Pablo Vera | Agencia UNO
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The possible candidates of RN for the next presidential elections, assured being abble to compete against the ex-president Sebastián Piñera at the opened primaries. In addition, the parliamentarians explained that even though is important to be concentrate on the coming municipal elections is impossible to not refer about this subject.

The Senators of the National Renovation party (RN), Manuel José Ossandon, Francisco Chahuán and Alberto Espina, are those who have expressed their presidential aspirations. This previous to the General Council which has been developed since 10 a.m of this morning at the Congress’ instalations in Santiago.

Other member of this political party who has been mentioned as a candidate is the senator Andrés Allamand, however, he has not expressed his intention to be a candidate yet.

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