Senate approved budgetary law for 2016 after intense discussion

Pablo Ovalle | Agencia UNO
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The Senate approved the budgetary law 2016, after almost nine hours of discussion. The Finance Minister, rodrigo Valdés, expressed his gratitude and pointed out that it still remain some points to solve, which were sent to the lower chamber.

Among the approved consigments there are resources for educations and health, which during the last weeks have generated tensions between the ruling authorities and the opposition.

During the day of debate the senators approved funds for Internal Revenue, Sport, Energy, Mining, Education, Public Ministry, Judicial Power, Presidency, Foreign Affairs, National Property,Comptrollership , Congress, National Treasury, Justice, Defense, Economy, Agriculture, Transportation and Communication, Housing and urban planning, Public works, Segegob, Segpress and Social development.

Valdés explained that despite of the budget is not completely approved, it’s a great achieve.

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