Five Chilean Universities among the best of Latin America

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Eleven Brasilian Universities and five Chileans are between the 30 best of Latin America on 2015, according to the prestigious ranking of QS.

QS is a British consultant company about education, which measures the universities of the entire world and is one of the most renowned of the field. This consultant makes the analysis every year and assignes qualifications based on different methodologies.

The ranking is headed by the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), and followed by the State University of Campinas (Brazil), The Catholic University of Chile (Chile) and the University of Chile (Chile).

In total 11 Brazilian Universities are between the 30 best of Latin America, being the country with the largest number of Colleges . Then, Chile and Argentina end in a tie with 5 Universities each one.

The five Chilean Universities on the ranking are: The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (third in L.A and 107 worldwide), The University of Chile (fourth L.A and 29 worldwide), The University of Santiago (16 L.A and 451-460 worldwide) , The University of Concepcion ( 17 L.A and 601-650 worldwide) and The Catholic University of Valparaiso (29 L.A and 601-650 worldwide).

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