Chancellery responds to Peru:”Terrestrial triangle is undeniably Chilean”

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The ministry of Foreign Affairs, rejected the creation of La Yarada-Los Palos district in Peru, which include on its jurisdiction the called “terrestrial triangle”, emphasizing that this territory is “unquestionably Chilean”.

This as consecuence due to this Saturday, the president of Peru, Ollanta Humala, promulgated a supreme decree creating the polemic district, proclaiming the Peruvian property of that area.

Through a statement, the Chancellery responded to the Peruvian measure, pointing out “of being informed about the promulgation of the 4762 law , that on account of the creation of a district called as La Yarada- Los Palos, the State of Peru is assuming its jurisdiction over a Chilean undeniably Territory”

Regarding to the situation, the Chancellery expressed that “besides of the energetic rejection to this legislative act, without any juridical effect over the international political limit, the Chilean Government lament the negative impact against the efforts made to advance in favour of a positive bilateral agenda, through cooperation and understanding, in order to build a future relation between the two countries”.

“The national position is going to be formalize by a protest note, pursuing the protection of the interest and the territory of the Chilean Republic”, Heraldo Muñoz, Chancellor of Chile, assured.

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