Authorities discard reinforcement of border patrols despite of the red Alert

ARCHIVO | Ronaldo Schemidt | AFP
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The Governance of Valdivia confirmed that the border police have been informed of the red alert spreaded by the PDI and the Interpol due to the possibility of ingress of the Chapo Guzmán to Chilean territory through Argentina.

This, after the international warning diffused by the Interpol about the possibility of the drug dealer, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán could be in Bariloche, Argentina, planning to cross to our country. Thus, the Chilean Police of Investigation (PDI) decided to decree the red alert as well.

On his behalf, the governor of Valdivia’s province , Patricia Morano, said that even though as Government they don´t have any accurate information about the fact , they decided to pass the information to the officers from the border crossings of Carirriñe and Hua-Hum.

However, the authority denied the rollout of police reinforcements.

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