Strike of Registro Civil has finished after reach an agreement with the Government

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The strike is over. The officers of the Registro Civil accepted this Friday the proposal of the Government, and finished the mobilization after 39 days of strike.

Nelly Díaz arrived this evening to the Instalations of the Ministry of Justice, where she submitted the results of the votation between the employees from the 15 regions of the country. During the morning the media were informing that the officers from the Metropolitan zone decided to end with the strike.

On his behalf, the Minister of Justice, Javiera Blanco, referred about the agreement, pointing out that the Government has made an effort to finish with the mobilization, but at the same time taking care of “the finances of all the Chileans”.
According to the explanations of Nelly Díaz, the agreement consist in a new bonus for the officers of the Institution, which is going to be given since 2017 and will have relation with the employees’ performance. Thus, they should to achieve some goals to deserve it.

In short, this bonus means a public spending of $2000 million pesos total.

The officers are going to resume their works since the coming Monday.

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