President Bachelet states: ” it’s not easy to eradicate unacceptable behaviors”

Javier Salvo | Agencia UNO
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During this morning, president Bachelet, attended to the Anti-corruption Observatory launching, organized by the center of studies Espacio Público and the Ciudadano Inteligente Foundation. With the purpose of checking out the Government initiatives coming from the Engel commission.

Regarding to the anti-corruption projects the president states that “it´s not easy to eradicate unacceptable behaviors, finish with the convenience of continuism and require to the elites their subjection before the public scrutiny”.

“The more than 200 proposals elaborated by the board headed by Eduardo Engel, ratify the magnitude of the transformation process that Chile needs to recover the trusting on the Institutions”, Bachelet added.

Between the measures that will be driven by this Observatory, there is the application of the law which ordain the independence of the Electoral Service and at the same time is going to sanction to the offenders of the rules of the game. Thus, the parlamentarians could loose their seats.

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