Ezzati denied concealment and apologized to the victims after interrogation

Pablo Rojas | Agencia UNO
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After appear before the Tribunals of Justice, The archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati, has denied the church concealment of the crimes perpetrated by the priest Fernando Karadima.

The cardinal assured he has responded to this justice request to make clear the church position related to this situation and also to give support to the plaintiffs.

” I have come to this place to accomplish with a citizen duty and respond the answers that the magistrate wanted to address”, he said.

” I answered to all the questions made by the magistrate, with the intention of being of help to clarify even more the church stance, which is of love to the truth and empathy to the victims. It is about a sincere and honest searching of a new path for reconciliation”, the cardinal added.

Even though he has discarded any concealment of the crimes, he apologized to the victims of sexual assaults committed by Karadima, recognizing that the crimes were already proved.

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