Officers of the Registro Civil are evaluating a possible hunger strike

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The negotiations between the Government and the officers of the Registro Civil are on a dead point. This after the minister of Justice, Javiera Blanco, made a call to those employees, who their contracts are going to be renewed in December, to resume to their labors.

Facing this scene, employees of the Registro Civil on strike have ensured to Radio Bio Bio that a group of officers are evaluating the starting of a hunger strike in order to put pressure on the negotiations with the State´s authorities.

Regarding to the possibility of a hunger strike, the leader Nelly Díaz, assured that she doesn´t like the idea of putting health in risk and also she explained that any proposal that could be given by the officers of the Institution will be firstly evaluated inside the service. “Many condition are needed to concrete that idea and we are not going to expose the employees just because”, she emphasized.

In addition, Díaz has qualified the idea as a desperate measure they are not going to take it yet. However, they have talked about it.

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