Adimark: Bachelet´s approval rating grows scoring 29 percent

Cristóbal Escobar | Agencia UNO
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The approval of the president Michelle Bachelet experienced the increase of 4 points on the Adimark survey. The presidential tracking poll shows that 29% of likely Chilean approve of President Bachelet’s job performance, while sixty-seven percent (67%) disapprove.

The results corresponding to September, shows that Bachelet put the brake on after scoring 25%. On the other hand, her disapproval reached the 67%, three points less than in the last measurement.

The last time that the president faced two consecutive rises of approval was at the beginning of her management , jumping from 53% at april of the last year to 56% in May, reaching the peak performance of her endorsement in June with 58%.

Regarding to her disapproval levels, this is the first time in her entire administration that the numbers have been decreased by second consecutive month. Situation that was preceded for seven months of upwards due to the participation of his son (Sebastián Dávalos Bachelet) in the famous Caval’s case.

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