Today could be crucial for the future of the labor reform launched by the Government

Pablo Ovalle | Agencia UNO
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A crucial day for the future of the Labor reform could be lived today. Not only because of the pro-government part of the Labor commission which is awaiting to approve the project, but also due to what is going to be laid out by the Executive.

The Government is currently designing new indications in order to perfect the flexibility pacts, the functioning of minimum services, the end of the replacement on strike and the appointment of representatives of the unions.

Regarding to the strike, from La Moneda are studying how to ensure the end of the replacement , but without representing a risk for the companies. In this point, the positions of the Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés, and the Working Minister, Ximena Rincón are very different.

On this matter, the Executive could present a clause to prohibit the replacement not only in the job, but also in the function. If that occur, the debate will be very complex in the Finance commision and in the Senate. As the PPD senator, Adriana Muñoz, explained.

The CUT ( Central Union of Workers) will be following attentive to this debate through the week and its Vice-president, Nolberto Díaz, threatened that if the Government do not configurate the corrections presented in September, the workers are going to mobilize themselves.

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