Legislators requested to address with urgency the Project of Abortion

David von Blohn | Agencia UNO
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The next Wednesday will be restarted the discussion of the project which pursue the decriminalization of the abortion on 3 causals. This, in middle of the critics against the Government due to the no renewal of the process with the pressing needs.

Leonardo Soto, president of the commission of Constitution, Legislation and Justice of the Parliament, where the project has been negotiated, reaffirmed his calling to the Government in order to renew the urgency of its processing to avoid its loss like occured with other initiatives as the project which contemplate criminal sanctions for the collusion, which will be discussed as well.

On his behalf, the socialist deputy and president of the health commission, Juan Luis Castro, warned that if the Executive do not processed this project as urgent, it is possible to not fulfill the self-imposed compromise by the Government of having the law approved for the first semester of the next year.

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