Cardinal Ezzati confirmed that Pope Francisco will not come to Chile in 2016

Alberto Pizzoli | AFP
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Despite of the high expectation caused by the possible visit of Pope Francisco to Chile the next year, Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati announced that the head of the Catholic Church decided to not come to visit to their devotes on 2016.

The notice was confirmed from the Til Til cemetery, where the Archbishop celebrate a religious ceremony in honor of the deads due to the All Saint´s Day.

Ezzati explained that the visit of the Pope to our country will be imposible, because of the many activities he has planned for the end of the year and the confirmation of trips to Mexico and Colombia.

Now, of course, Ezzati explained that the Pope told him about his intention to concrete the visit in 2017.

It´s important to mention that the Pope has been involved in a polemic, after the disclosed of a video where he defended the nomination of Juan Barros as the bishop of Osorno. The priest who is currently indicated of being the accomplice of Karadima, helping to cover up his crimes.

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