Heraldo Muñoz:”there is a propaganda attempt at the Bolivian Chancellor visit”

Jorge Fuica | Agencia UNO
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Chancellor Heraldo Muñoz referred about the visit of his Bolivian counterpart, David Choquehuanca, to Chile, and pointed out that his visit has a propaganda purpose in favor of the Bolivian maritime demand.

” What we can see due to his visit is a propaganda attempt trying to insinuate the scarcity of national cohesion regarding to the state policy that Chile is having facing the Bolivian demand”, he stated. But ,”what does exist is a cross support of all political sectors”, the Minister assured.

In addition, Muñoz emphasized that the Altiplanic country did not informed properly the visit of Choquehuanca and said that they found out the situation at first by the press, and then by the Bolivian Government.

On his behalf Choquehuanca, interviewed by Radio Bío Bío, said that his country informed 72 hours before about his visit, through a note.

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