Government announced the capitalization of Codelco for 600 million dollars

Cristóbal Escobar | Agencia UNO
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The Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés, informed that the amount for the capitalization of Codelco will be of 600 million dollars. He explained that despite of that the budget is lower than the one solicited by the company, it’s an important contribution.

Through a statement, the Finance Ministry detailed that the decision was taken having in consideration the report of advance of the Business Plan and Development of the 2014-2018 term.

The objective of this extraordinary capital contribution is to support Codelco to maintain a healthy financing position due to its importance for the IRS.” it´s very relevant the maintenance of the control of the costs and in addition,ensure that the structural projects are responding to the current and future economic conditions of the copper”, Valdés explained.

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