A body was found inside the car of María Carolina Hidalgo, the lost engineer

Carlos López | RBB
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Last Tuesday morning was found a car inmersed in the Valdivia River, to the side of the pier of Niebla. As a consequence, the police and the Army went to the place in order to effected the corresponding diligences.

According to the information, the discovery match the BMW car belonging to the business engineer missing since september 30th, Maria Carolina Hidalgo.

The car was discovered by a diver while he was working. The man found the car at 7 mts depth. He immediately warned to carabineros. Thus, forces of the GOPE, PDI and the Army arrived to the scene.

The public prosecutor in charge of the case, Isabel Ruiz-Esquide, was consulted by Radio Bío Bío, and she confirmed that inside the car was found a body that would correspond to María Carolina Hidalgo. However , the identity must be confirmed after the appropriate investigation.

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