Greenpeace denounced the formation of dumping site at glaciers of Pascua Lama

Barrick Gold
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Greenpeace has denounced the formation of garbage dumps near to the Mining project Pascua Lama, in charge of Barrick Gold.

A report made by the Scientific Studies Center for Greenpeace , revealed that lots of plastic, galvanized iron tubs and bags of trash has been thrown away near the glaciers of Esperanza and Guanaco.

In Matías Asún’s opinion, the National Greenpeace director , in Chile the mining is destroying glaciers. “ The use of glaciers as dumping site is a crime, that has no precedent. It is need a fast and urgent judicial action and the highest sanction”. He added.

The report delivered in september of the current year, and signed by many experts on mining matters, is part of a consulting for the implementation of a monitoring plan for the glaciers.

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