For the first time the only suspect on the Hagan Case speaks up

David Cortés Serey | Agencia UNO
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This Wednesday has finished the preparation for the oral trial due to the assassination of the U.S psychologist, Erica Hagan. The only accused of the murder, Domingo Cofré, insisted on being innocent, and assured that he didn’t kill the woman.

The crime was discovered in May of 2014, inside the Baptist School of Temuco. The incident was investigated and the inquiry pointed to Cofré as the responsible one.

The man, who was the school’s doorman, has been under house arrest, and spoke today for the first time with the media. He made a called to the people who possibly are hidding information to say what they know.

Regarding to the evidence presented by the accusing party during the trial preparation, Cofré assured to be innocent of the charges.

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