Two projects of law were presented to protect the rights of adopted children

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Two projects in order to fortify the adoption in Chile and protect the children on the process were presented by Deputy Bernardo Berger from Los Ríos.

The first of those has the main purpose of concede to the adopted children the same right that a natural child or of filiation has. In relation with the special benefits coming by the social funds or social benefits from the state. The bonus per child, as an example.

The second would obligate the deliver of the file and the medical records of the child to the adoptive parents, at the moment of the process conclution, and not six months later like presently happen.

Angélica Miranda, president of the National Association of Adoptive Parents of Chile, detailed that she hopes this project can be fulfilled in the short term, because the both procedures are impeding the increase of the adoptions in Chile.

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