Authorities studied to shorten duration of technical-professional careers in Chile

CONTEXTO | Pedro Cerda | Agencia UNO
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PUERTO MONTT- Educational authorities analyzed the possibility to shorten technical careers. This in the frame of a provincial day of debate about the technical-professional education developed in Puerto Montt.

Directors of schools, entrepreneurs, and officers of Ministry of Education have participated from the meeting.

The participants discussed the new opportunities which are going to be processed on the technical education. Trying to complement the academic training of schools and professional centers.

The Education Seremi, Pablo Baeza, explained that the ideal is to create a staggered process, to reduce the careers extension. Considering that students coming from technical high schools already have some competences on certain areas.

Baeza remembered that the government it is promoting scholarships through a special program, “Technicians for Chile”, principally directed to teachers of the field, studying outside Chile.

This was the last of four meetings in order to established the basis for a national policy of the technical-professional education in Chile.

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