IMF reduced for the fifth time its projection of economic development for Chile

Ariel Marinkovic | AFP
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For the fifth consecutive time, and fourth only on the current year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), cut back its projection for the Chilean economic development, dropping it down from 2.5% on august to 2.3% this 2015, similar to the 2.5% prognosticated yesterday by the Finance Ministry.

The main reason the IMF had to make this evaluation, was the additional weakness of the raw material, situation that is actually affecting our country due to Chile base its development on the copper extraction.

The organization also adjusted its development projection for Chile for the next 2016, from a 3.1% to a 2.5%, a slightly pessimist estimate than the one gave by the Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés. Who pointed out that the local economy is going to be expanded next year on 2.75%.

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