Chilean journalist awfully mocks Sarah Jessica Parker on her visit to Chile

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On Friday of last week, all the flashes centered its attention on Sarah Jessica Parker visit. The blonde Actress, Carrie Bradshaw at Sex and the City, arrived to Chile to star in the glamourous Fashion show organized by the retail brand Ripley.

SJP participation was very intimate, she was always trying to look after everyone who requiered her. And so she did in particular with a team of Intrusos, a TV space from La Red station, which gave her a very particular present.

The journalist of this showbiz program was quite out of place, but luckily she didn’t understand the joke.

The man gave her a card, with a princess riding a horse on the cover, trying to make a contrast between her face and the face of a horse. “She has always been teased because she looks like a horse and also she dressed up as a princess for an event…It was meant to be a joke”, Glamorama explained.

Fortunately, the actress didn’t notice the evil intentions behind the gift and responded “thank you very much” and blew kisses to him.

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