Defense of Karadima pretends to impede him from declare before the Justice

Fernando Karadima|Agencia UNO
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The defense of the catholic priest Fernando Karadima turned to the Appealing Court of Santiago in order to impede him to declare before the justice.

Due to this idea, the lawyers of Karadima, interjected an appeal pretending to void his appearance to the tribunal and keep clear of the minister Mario Gómez interrogation out of his confinement where he is fulfill a condemn sentenced by the Vatican because of his sexual abuses against parishioners.

Those diligences are happening on the frame of the civic demand interjected against the Archbishop of Santiago and it´s the reason why the last Wednesday September 30, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz declared for more than five hours.

On the same way, this Monday, was confirmed the interrogation to Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati which had been set to next October 22.

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