“We don´t want Chiloe to be the backyard of the country”

Pablo Ovalle Isasmendi|Agencia UNO
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As an injustice was considered by the socialist deputy, Jenny Alvarez, the permission to install an Eolic Park in Chiloé. Project driving by Ecopower Company. She stated that the Islander “don´t want Chiloé to be the backyard of Chile”.

The project was approved after an intense meeting inside the Ambient Evaluation Committee of Los Lagos, and was finally announced by the intendant Leonardo de la Prida.The energy project will be install on the Costa Brava area in Chiloé.

The parliamentary also reminded the project was rejected previously under another administration and stress on the injustice of impose the centralist needs over the archipelago.

Meanwhile Alvarez recognize the importance of increasing the Chilean energy supplied, she said the critical point is where and how to develop a project like this due to its magnitude and the environmental, tourist and patrimonial impact. And in addition, considering that the place choose for support the project is a patrimonial site.

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