President Bachelet is heading “our Ocean” seminar with Chancellor muñoz and John Kerry

Sebastián Rodríguez|agencia UNO
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This Monday morning, president Michelle Bachelet is participating with chancellor Heraldo Muñoz and other national authorities from the seminar “ Nuestro Oceano” (our Ocean), in Viña del Mar.

The president headed the inauguration of the second edition of this international seminar. The first time it was celebrated in Washington. It is important to remember that the main purpose of this date is to seek for the exploration and protection of the world’s Oceans.

This event count on the participation of John Kerry, State Secretary of the United States, who is the author of this initiative, and also many figures of the political, academic, and civic society sectors committed with the Oceans protection are participating on the date.

According with the official website of the seminar, the idea is to achieve solutions to make front to the illegal fishing, the marine contamination, the acidifying process of the Ocean, its relation with the change of the climate, and in addition to promote the creation of protected marine areas in order to keep safe the marine ecosystem.

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