Catholic Bishop Barros once again was the target of protests in Osorno

Dennys Salazar| RBB
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More than a hundred people protested this Sunday in front of the Saint Matthews Catholic Cathedral in Osorno, while Bishop Juan Barros was officiating an elderly mass.

Barros had been accused of covered up for the sexual abuses by priest Fernando Karadima. This is the reason why the catholic believers have been protesting against him since he arrived to the city.

This new complaint happened on the frame of the controversial justification of Pope Francisco, who assured that Bishop Barros had been judged without any evidence. “I´m asking you to think by your own minds and to not get influenced by those leftists who have plotted this”, he said.

Mario Vargas, leader of the Organized Laic Movement, blamed it to a tendency inside the church, “the Integration one”, which is trying to hide the sexual abuses. To the Laics, the ex- Bishop of Osorno, René Rebolledo, was part of this catholic trend, and also he was the one who promoted Barros as the local prelate.

The movement reiterated their intention of continuing with this kind of activities and in addition they are demanding the Pope Francisco’s apology.

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