Senate president about Mesa’s declarations:“Bolivia is on a victimization campaign”

Pablo Vera|Agencia UNO
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Senator Patricio Walker denounced that “Bolivia is on a victimization campaign, of disinformation and also falsifying the truth”. This, after the Bolivian ex-president Carlos Mesa declarations.

As a visitor this Wednesday, Mesa remarked that the International Court of Justice did not separated the Bolivian demand of negotiation with the petition of sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean.

From his point of view, “those elements has been not well reading by some opinion and decision sectors of Chile”.
The president of the senate emphasized on that Bolivia is assuring that they are enclosed, but this is false. Due to- he explained- the 81% of the international trade Bolivia has is through the Arica Port, with many privileges that not a single Mediterranean country in the world have”.

“I´ll say to Mesa to not false the truth, to say things as they really are”, Walker pointed out. Adding that the Bolivian authorities have made a permanent campaign of disinformation.

On that point he said that on the preliminary verdict, the International Court of Justice talked about two background matters: First, they recognize the arrangement of 1904, thus the sovereign of Chile isn´t on risk, and second, any conversation with Bolivia couldn´t be subject to a preliminary result.

“The Tribunal can´t obligate us to cede sovereign territory to Bolivia”, Walker assured, and mentioned that “it seems like Mesa had not read that part of the verdict”.

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