LAN was demanded due to its negative of transport a passenger with his assistance dog

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The entrepreneur, Ricardo Rojas Santander, denounced he purchased a flight ticket on LAN for the Santiago-La Serena route and also he made the pertinent procedures for being accompanied by his assistance dog.

Rojas has principle of epilepsy and chronic anxiety, having crisis under stress situations. This actually is medically considered as a disability.

For that reason he was under a compensatory treatment in the United States, where he was oriented on the necessity, as part of the process, to have an emotional assistance dog. His assistant’s accompany habilitate him to fulfill his daily activities no adding difficulty.

According with a statement sent by the Judicial Assistance Corporation, LAN denied to transport the animal, arguing that the emotional assistance dogs only apply for flights on the United States and Mexico.

Due to this answer. Rojas, based on the Zamudio´s law, and sponsored by the Metropolitan Judicial Assistance Corporation, interjected a non-discrimination action against LAN, accusing the company of have been practiced discriminatory acts and thus, violate his fundamental’s rights.

Paulo Quezada, general director of the Metropolitan Judicial Assistance Corporation, indicated that the demand against LAN is a double discrimination. At first, to someone with disability who needs of his assistance dog for his health state and second, because this LAN’s service is considered to clients from determinate countries which can access to this right as an exclusivity.

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