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Increase of Marihuana consumption do not surprised to parliamentarians and experts

ARCHIVO|Mateusz Atroszko (SXC)
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Parliamentarians and Experts have reacted without any surprise to the increase of Marihuana consumption in the country. Which positioned Chile as the third country in America.

They assured it is a consequence of the formats and policies which do not generated the expected results. Deriving on micro traffic and illegal associated activity.

The Cannabis consumers on the last five years, increased from 75 thousand to more than 250 thousand people. As a result of the measuring, men smoke 12.3 days per month while women 7.3 days on the same period.

For Guido Girardi, PPD senator and member of the Health Commission, it is all about a background problem, related to the low quality and expectation of life.

In addition, he expressed that if tobacco and alcohol have presence on 12 year-old children it´s not a surprise the cannabis has the same influence too.

About the controversial project with pretention of modify the 20.000 law in order to decriminalize the Cannabis self-cultivation and to allow its therapeutic purpose, Juan Luis Castro, deputy of the socialist party and president of the Health Commission, remarked that the tonic would be never the marihuana free consume.

While, Eduardo Vergara, expert on drugs legislation and director of the NGO Asuntos del Sur, stated the importance of make an analysis to the policies and formats which has been already implemented without any effectivity. This due to the consumption between the youth have been diversified and proliferated.

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