Cardinal Errazuriz denied concealment on Karadima’s case

ARCHIVO|Pablo Rojas|Agencia UNO
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More than five hours was the time the ex-archbishop of Santiago, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz was declaring as a witness on the frame of the investigation against the priest Fernando Karadima.

This diligence pursuit an economic restitution of more than 400 million pesos. The victims of this case assured that the national ecclesiastic authority committed omissions during the enquiry.

James Hamilton, assured to be very hurt due to the arduous process, considering that it was an important opportunity to conclude a reparation and reconciliation stage. However, Errazuriz denied to respond to many questions and did not recognize any fact as a mistake. Which is really disappointing. He stated.

In addition, Hamilton said that the Judge gave to cardinal Errazuriz space “to request forgiveness, off the record”, but he limited himself to say that” the canonic right indicate this or this…”

According to Hamilton statement, on the inquiry Errazuriz recognized the reception of the emails denouncing the sexual abuses by Karadima.

Although, José Andrés Murillo, another victim of the catholic priest, indicated that cardinal Errazuriz rejected the covered up thesis, due to they proceeded as the canonic code ordained.

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