Unpublished photos of Pablo Neruda’s funeral are available for free-use

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After 42 years of his death, an image’s collection, including video records, interviews and testimonies from intellectuals closed to Neruda, will be available on the website Between those, his visit to the URSS on 1949 and his proclamation as candidate to the presidency on 1969.

“The audiovisual collection of Pablo Neruda”, is the name of this digitalization’s compile achieved by the University of Chile’s film archive and in collaboration with the Andrés Bello Central’s archived from the same University.

There are 6 videos already available for the public. Which will be increasing gradually on the website.

The collection has been originated from 7 hundred video films received by the Andrés Bello Central’s archived on 2005 donated by the German TV Station SWR, for educative and non- commercial purposes.

The project was viable due to the financing of the National Culture and Arts ‘Council.

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