Man accused to rape a teenager in Rio Bueno was released: it was a false accusation

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RÍO BUENO, CHILE – A man has been released after he was detained presumably for rape a teenager in Río Bueno. But, according with the Justice, it was a false accusation.

The woman met the 34-year-old man from facebook and they already have a date on July. Considering they have some kind of relation, they decided to set another date on last Monday, occasion where the man supposedly sexually- abused her after he drove the woman in his car into a rural road.

Patricio Contreras, PDI Bicrim inspector, reported that with the information provided by the sixteen-year-old teen, they´ve established a photography set, in which the teen identified the subject as the aggressor.

With that information, the police started the diligences in order to detain the man. Who was truly arrested and set under the Rio Bueno’s tribunal disposition.

However the fiscally informed the man was not formalized and he has been released after the Police found contradictions on the declarations. Thus, it was established as a false accusation.

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