Adjustment of salary to highest Public Administration charges has been freezed

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The Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés, announced this Monday that the highest position’s salaries of the State’s Administration will be not readjusted this year as an austerity measure. This is the result of an agreement protocol signed this morning by minister Valdés, the president of the Senate, Patricio Walker and the Deputies’ chamber president, Marco Antonio Nuñez.

The incomes will be frozen at least to November of the next year including the president and her 23 ministers, her 32 sub secretaries and also the 15 regional’s intendents.

In like manner the measure will be touch to the parliamentary of the 120 deputies and the 38 senators of the Republic.

“It is a symbolic measure to face the current country economic’ scene marked by a low development and less incomes”, this situation obligate to prioritize the fiscal costs due to the scarcity of the resources”, the minister explained.

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