Santiago´s Archbishop offered a public apology due to e-mails disclosure

Pablo Vera | Agencia UNO
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SANTIAGO, CHILE – This morning the traditional Te Deum ceremony was fulfilled. The Occasion was used by Santiago´s Archbishop, Ricardo Ezzati, to offer an apology for the polemic resulted from the disclosing of personal e-mails between him and cardinal Errazuriz related to Karadima´s case.

The “documents” suggested the Chilean Catholic Church´s efforts in order to cover up the sexual abuses committed against young boys by Fernando Karadima priest, who was accused on 2010.

“I felt myself exposed to a disqualifying criticism. Thus, I use this opportunity to offer an apology to all of those who could felt offended by the e-mails “, Ezzati had claimed this morning.

In contrast, Juan Carlos Cruz, one of the Karadima´s victims, assured that it´s not enough with Ezzati apology to restore bonds of trust. “On the catholic doctrine, the pardon must be expressed with a name, directly and also the damage should be repaired. And Ezzati doesn´t do those things”, he emphasized.

He blamed on Ezzati due his intervention against his call to work as member of a commission which do not have any South American representative. “Now it´s very easy to say sorry”, Cruz said, and he insist on that people must to work in order to get forgiveness.

Lee la noticia en español en este enlace.

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