Lagos discarded his presidential race: “Don’t make things up”

Pablo Rojas Madariaga | Agencia UNO
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Ricardo Lagos contributed with the Extended Political Committee of the Democracy Party, where the ex-president demanded “not to make things up” because of his possible presidential candidature, at least, not for now. His position was supported by Jaime Quintana, PPD party president, who discarded him as a presidential card. However, he left the door open for future discussion in one more year.

Ricardo Lagos has pulled himself down from the presidential race; therefore, he chooses the PPD Extended Political Committee to tell the country he is not a candidate for anything.

The ex-executive analyzed the current political situation and identified what the principal problem is, according to his words, the political legitimacy. In addition, he stated that “to recover the legitimacy could be more difficult than the previous fight against the military dictatorship”.

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