National prosecutor solicited to formalize five Penta companies for subornation crime

Alvaro Cofre | Agencia UNO
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The national prosecutor Sabas Chahuán has solicited to the Eighth Guarantee tribunal of Santiago, the prosecution due of the crime of subornation of five partnership of the Penta Holding as legal persons, on the frame of the investigation of the illegal financing of the Politic.

According to the information, the firms in question are: Penta S.A, Inversiones Penta 3, BanPenta, Administración e Inversiones Santa Zarela Ltda., and Inversiones y Asesorías Challico Ltda.

The records gathered by the prosecutors point to the bribes which allegedly were payed from those companies to the, on that time, undersecretary of Mining, Pablo Wagner, and to SII (Service of Internal taxes) employees, like Juan Martinez and Iván Álvarez.

In the named Penta case, are under investigation because of tax crime the owners of the holding, Carlos Lavín and Carlos Délano, and also executives and ex-managers of the mentioned companies.

The accuser lawyer, Mauricio Daza, pointed out Chahuán unprecedented decision and had warned the possible dissolution of those companies after an oral trial.

“We are expecting not only mr. Délano and mr.Lavín to be finally condemned. We also expected condemns for the Penta companies, according to what the law establishes. Sanctions which can start from fines to the cancellation of its legal personality”, he maintained.

Now, the Eighth Guarantee tribunal of Santiago must to set a hearing for the prosecution of the companies.

Lee la noticia es español aquí.

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