ICJ will deliver its judgment on the preliminary objection in the case Bolivia vs Chile

International Court of Justice
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Next Thursday, September 24th, the International Court of Justice will make public its verdict about the preliminary exception brought by Chile in response to the Bolivian suit.

The verdict will be read at 10.00 AM of our country, in which the tribunal would response if it declares itself competent to know the background of the Bolivian suit which pretend to force Chile to negotiate a sovereign exit to the Pacific Ocean, or, in contrast if it accepts the Chilean approach related to this subject, which states the matter was solved through the “Tratado de Paz y Amistad of 1904”.

Parliamentary Reactions

After the news became public, the PPD representative and member of the foreign affairs commission of the Chamber, Jorge Tarud, said that if the Court declares itself as competent on September 24th, “all the International community treaty could be check and modified”. Although he stated that the Chilean position is according to the international law.

Similarly, the representatives Marcela Sabat (RN) and José Manuel Edwards (RN), also members of the same commission, expressed their confidence to the tribunal resolution.

“We are hopeful of a favorable verdict, but it is important to remember that every Court verdict could be wining or lose. In the case the tribunal declare itself as competent, we do not lose anything, because it would start the trial in which we would argue the background” affirmed Edwards.

Lee esta noticia en español aquí.

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