Chilean Government is working to receive Syrian Refugees

Francisco Longa | Agencia UNO
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SANTIAGO, CHILE – President Michelle Bachelet announced that Chilean Government is working in order to receive Syrian Refugees. The information was confirmed during her participation in the liturgical ceremony Tefilá for Chile 2015, a Jewish community tradition which took place in the Israeli Community Temple in Lo Barnechea.

The president did not participate of this ceremony the past 2014. But this year she attended it in with Claudio Orrego, Metropolitan Intendent. The ceremony was leaded by Rabbi Daniel Zang.

On this occasion, the Mandatary point out that our country has the “permanent commitment” with tolerance and respect, and she added that Chile has maintained the same position under the previous administrations on the international context.

Although she emphasize, “We are a country which was punched by the violent persecution, those who have a different thought had suffered the institutionalize violence”.

Likewise, the President talked about the Syrian conflict and the massive migration which was observed in Europe and in like manner could be reaching Latin America soon.

As a Government we are working in order to admit an important number of refugees “Because we understand that the tragedy they are living is a tragedy for all mankind”, she noted.

After the service, the mandatary left the temple without making press statements.

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