Cadem: Bachelet reach her worst approval and disapproval levels

ARCHIVO | Cristóbal Escobar | Agencia UNO
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The public survey, Cadem, has shown this morning that president Michelle Bachelet had scored her minimum levels of approval and disapproval, in her current term.

This because of her management approval that reach the 22%, the same percentage she had obtained on August 7. Which is her lowest register.

In like manner her management disapproval range the 70%. Same percentage obtained last month.

On this line, 44% of the ones polled, indicate “I don’t like the president and I think she did a bad administration”. 31% said “I like the president but I think she did a bad administration” and 15% said “I like the president and I think she did a good administration”.

Likewise, the 29% point out that Bachelet has disappointed them, 19% that they are suspicious of her, and 15% they are anger of her behave.

In comparison, the ministerial cabinet´s approval go up three points climbing 19%, and it disapproval went down five points, reaching the 70%.

Lee la noticia en español en este enlace.

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